Over 40 years EXPERIENCE

Driven by a passion for wildlife and concerned about the continuing decline of habitat, something had to be done!  The Brindley family, having been heavily involved in the political fight to save Greens Bush, wanted to continue their positive contribution towards the environment; hence, Wetland & Wildlife Creations was formed in the 1980’s to specialise in conservation-based projects.  Initially we focused on wetland and creek restoration, but as the environmental movement grew, we expanded to cater for all aspects of restoration and enhancement.  We are now one of the most experienced environmental companies in Australia.

We believe in creating COMMUNITY

Since the beginning, we have supported various like-minded organisations, focusing on humanity, the environment, or both.
We donate a percentage of profits per annum, while our employees donate countless volunteer hours, helping others achieve their environmental and social visions.

We are proud to support:

  • Habitat Restoration Fund
  • Peninsula Training and Employment Program
  • Rosebud Soccer Club
  • Somerville Secondary College
  • Focus
  • Riding for the Disabled
  • Devilbend Landcare Group
  • Merricks Creek Catchment Landcare Group
  • Peninsula Life Church
  • Coalition Against Duck Shooting
  • Peninsula Hospice
  • Fight for Life
  • Main Creek Catchment Landcare Group
  • Mornington Peninsula Youth Enterprises

We're proud of our ACHIEVEMENTS

The ‘United Nations Association of Australia Individual Award’ was for our ongoing contributions to the Environment. This was awarded for starting the Habitat Restoration Fund and associated volunteer work and donations towards it.

Awarded for the Jackson’s View Retarding Basin and Wetland System in Drouin.

We were presented with this certificate in appreciation of our environmental input toward Springthorpe winning the 2004 Urban Pacific & UDIA National award for excellence. Owing to the necessity for the developers to use the Latrobe University Wildlife Reserve for Stormwater treatment, the university requested that Springthorpe use us as their environmental consultant. Furthermore, insisted that we carry out all the wetland/water treatment construction and planting works within the University Reserve.

The UDIA (Urban Development Institute of Australia, Victoria) presented us with the Water Sensitive Urban Design award – our second development award for the ‘Waterways’ project – which has created a precedence in urban design. With the developer accepting our proposal to incorporate indigenous wildlife habitat into all aspects of the lake system, forming a multifunctional aesthetic and environmentally friendly water treatment body, without compromising the safety and recreational aspects of the residents.

The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), Victoria, acknowledged us for environmental excellence in water treatment, erosion control and wildlife habitat creation. We earned this prestigious accolade for our involvement in establishing the lakes and watercourses within the major ‘Waterways’ urban development.

API – Australian Property Institute

Stephen Hains, Developer of ‘The Waterways’ gave us the honor of accepting this award on his behalf, acknowledging that without our input as expert witness at the VCAT panel hearing, this project may never have proceeded.

The Category One Earth Award was earned for our restoration, landscaping, and erosion control works on Damper Creek at Mt. Waverley.

Awarded the Tree Care Award in recognition for the environmental restoration works carried out on our original headquarters – ‘Boogoolum’.